Osmosis Renal Pathology
Osmosis Renal Pathology
Osmosis Renal Pathology
Osmosis Renal Pathology

Osmosis Renal Pathology

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Experience Osmosis’ renal pathology videos in book form! Osmosis Renal Pathology covers over 50 topics on everything from acute pyelonephritis to renal tubular acidosis, with clear, concise descriptions, over 580 full-color illustrations and extra wide margins for notes. Don’t study it, Osmose it!

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About This Textbook

Osmosis Renal Pathology is the textbook companion to Osmosis’ popular video series on conditions affecting the urinary system. Containing over 50 easily-digestible summaries written and reviewed by medical experts and over 580 of Osmosis’ trademark whiteboard-style illustrations, it’s a great way to supplement your learning.

Each year, millions of people around the world succumb to kidney disorders. Many of these conditions are hard to understand but also very treatable. The kidneys play a crucial role in our overall health, and renal pathophysiology is one of the most fascinating and important subjects in clinical medicine, which is why we decided to make this the first book in Osmosis’ textbook series. Osmosis Renal Pathology will teach you the ins-and-outs of more than 50 different conditions affecting the kidneys, bladder and urinary tract, from nephrotic and nephritic syndromes to renal tubular acidosis. Each chapter covers all the bases—pathology, physiology, causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment—finishing up with a short summary of the most salient points to reinforce everything you’ve read.

In keeping with Osmosis’ accessible style, this textbook is designed with high-yield learning in mind. Osmosis Renal Pathology offers succinct summaries of each topic, with plenty of visually appealing diagrams to show you exactly what’s going on in the body, step by step, with respect to the condition at hand. We’ve left lots of space in the margins for supplementary notes and scribblings, and included links at the top of each chapter that will bring you to the associated video within Osmosis. The textbook is fully indexed, and contains a detailed list of helpful resources for extra reading.

Whether you’re a nursing student or a budding nephrologist, Osmosis Renal Pathology is a must-have guide for anyone aspiring to work and make a difference in the medical field.

Don’t study it, Osmose it!


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