Osmosis Psychological Disorders
Osmosis Psychological Disorders
Osmosis Psychological Disorders
Osmosis Psychological Disorders
Osmosis Psychological Disorders

Osmosis Psychological Disorders

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Experience Osmosis’ mental health videos in book form! Osmosis Psychological Disorders covers over 30 topics on everything from ADHD and autism to opioid dependence, with clear, concise descriptions, 350+ full-color illustrations and extra wide margins for notes. Don’t study it, Osmose it!

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About This Textbook

Osmosis Psychological Disorders is the textbook companion to Osmosis’ mental health videos. Containing more than 30 easily-digestible summaries written and reviewed by experts in the fields of psychology and medicine, and more than 350 of Osmosis’ trademark whiteboard-style illustrations, it’s a great way to supplement your learning.

Almost everyone will struggle with some form of mental health disorder at some point in their lifetime, yet many people never seek treatment, fearing stigma and rejection. It’s a growing crisis, and one that can only be resolved by redefining ideas about mental health both socially and clinically so people feel more confident about asking for help when they need it most.

Osmosis Psychological Disorders takes a sensitive, considered look at some of the most well-known and commonly diagnosed mental health conditions, including ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, and opioid dependence, with the aim of giving future mental health professionals a nuanced understanding of these conditions, insight into the day-to-day struggles of the people experiencing them, and practical approaches on how to best manage these situations. Each chapter covers all the bases of the topic at hand and finishes up with a short summary of the most salient points to reinforce everything you’ve read.

In keeping with Osmosis’ accessible style, this textbook is designed with high-yield learning in mind. Osmosis Psychological Disorders offers succinct summaries of each topic, with plenty of visually appealing diagrams to help you remember the signs and symptoms of various mental health disorders and find possible avenues to treatment. We’ve left lots of space in the margins for supplementary notes and scribblings and included links at the top of each chapter that will bring you to the associated concept card within Osmosis. The textbook is fully indexed and contains a detailed list of helpful resources for extra reading.

Whether you’re studying nursing or psychology, Osmosis Psychological Disorders is a must-have guide for anyone aspiring to work and make a difference in the field of mental health care.

Don’t study it, Osmose it!


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