Osmosis Anatomy & Physiology Essentials

Osmosis Anatomy & Physiology Essentials

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Experience Osmosis's collection of anatomy and physiology videos in book form! Osmosis Anatomy & Physiology Essentials covers the basics of the body’s 14 major organ and tissue systems, with three bonus chapters on the mechanisms that enable us to see, taste, and hear. The textbook contains concise descriptions, 300 full-color illustrations, and extra-wide margins for notes. Don’t study it, Osmose it!

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About This Textbook

Osmosis Anatomy & Physiology Essentials is the textbook companion to Osmosis’s collection of videos introducing learners to the human body. Containing 17 easily-digestible chapters written and reviewed by medical experts, and 300 of Osmosis's trademark whiteboard-style illustrations, it’s a great way to supplement your learning.

The Osmosis Anatomy & Physiology Essentials textbook explores a range of core topics in physiology, from how the heart pumps blood around the body, to the ways our lymphatic and immune systems work together to protect us against harmful bacteria. The book includes concepts that span from the cellular and tissue level, all the way up to the organs, as well as how those organs functions in different physiologic settings. In addition to the 14 major organ and tissue systems, there are three bonus chapters on the eyes, ears, and the tongue.  By the time you’ve finished the 17 chapters of Osmosis Anatomy & Physiology Essentials, you will have a solid foundation of how the entire human body functions to maintain homeostasis. Each chapter covers all the bases of the topic at hand, finishing up with a short summary of the most salient points to reinforce everything you’ve read.

In keeping with Osmosis's accessible style, this textbook is designed with high-yield learning in mind. Osmosis Anatomy & Physiology Essentials offers succinct summaries of its 17 topics, with plenty of visually appealing diagrams to show you the body’s working parts in a way that’s easy to understand at a glance. We’ve left lots of space in the margins for supplementary notes and scribblings, and included links at the top of each chapter that will bring you to the associated concept card within Osmosis. The textbook is fully indexed, and contains a detailed list of helpful resources for extra reading.

Whether you’re a budding surgeon or practicing physician assistant, Osmosis Anatomy & Physiology Essentials is a must-have guide for anyone aspiring to work and make a difference in the medical field.

Don’t study it, Osmose it!


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